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Pteris Fern Silver Ribbon - 6in


Available In-Store Only

Silver Ribbon Fern (Pteris cretica) is a distinct looking fern with quite a graceful appearance. Unlike some other ferns, this plant displays a variety of colors that immediately attracts the spectator’s attention. Aside from its looks, Pteris cretica is also one of the most tolerant and low maintenance requirement ferns.

Just like most other ferns, this plant has a shallow root system better known as rhizomes (clumps of wiry stems that grow beneath the surface of a plant and allow it to absorb all the nutrients needed from the substrate). These are also used by plants to store energy, since they are thicker than above-ground stems and under the soil where they more protected from fluctuating temperatures. The Silver Ribbon fern is a bit on the larger side and can grow up to 2ft tall if left untrimmed.

A few notes to help your plant live well + prosper: Like many ferns, Pteris Cretica will do best in a moist yet well-drained substrate. The ideal temperature for this fern to be able to thrive is anywhere between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

For a better success rate, place the plant in rich moist soil that is acidic or neutral in PH. A peat-based potting mix with some added perlite is usually my go-to mix for Silver Ribbon fern. The peat moss will help the soil retain moisture, while the perlite provides an adequate amount of drainage to avoid rotting roots. It is also important to keep in mind that this fern should not be buried too deep in the substrate. The soil should cover up all of the rhizomes, but leave the top of the crown above. Otherwise, this plant will get crown rot and not make it through.