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Calathea 'Fusion White' - 4in


Available In-Store Only

Calathea are popular houseplant additions because of the bold markings on their oh-so-abundant foliage. Often referred to as peacock, zebra, or rattlesnake plants in reference to these decorative leaves, these babies are definitely worth adding to your plant collection.

In their native habitats, Calathea species are also known for their striking clustered flowers. When grown as houseplants, however, it is all about the foliage as they rarely flower indoors. This 'White Fusion' cultivar, with its variegated shades of white, green and lilac, is no exception. The top side of its leaves features contrasting white markings alongside the green, and the underside has a gorgeous light purple-pinkish hue that also runs down the stems.

The Goldilocks of the plant world, Calathea can be very particular about their care. But once you get it right, you'll be generously rewarded. These plants like moisture, but not excessive amounts, sun is good, but not too much, and extremes of temperatures need to be avoided too.

And don't worry, if you find yourself stumped when it comes to this, or any of your other houseplants, join us at our once monthly Calathea Killers Support Group.