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Calathea Majestica White Star - 4in


Available In-Store Only

Perhaps one of the most elegant yet relatively muted designs on a Calathea is that of the Calathea Majestica ‘White star’. This beauty sports several bright white stripes from the midrib of the plant extending to its leaf blades. Some of the leaves may feature pink shades near the midrib, depending on the light conditions and maturity of the plant.

In the right conditions, this plant can grow as high as 4 to 5ft in large pots and the leaves can become very long.

When it comes to care, Calatheas are known to be very particular. They don’t tolerate dry soil well and will shrivel before your eyes in an instant. They hate wet feet - who doesn't?! And they need just the right amount of light - not too much, not too little.

Not to worry - these gorgeous plants are definitely worth the fuss and we're here to help. Need some advice? Join us for our monthly Calathea Killers Support Group to share all your plant woes - trust us, you're in good company.