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Stromanthe Triostar - 4in


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A member of the prayer plant family, the Triostar folds its leaves up at night, and it can often be confused with the similar calathea plant.

It's a moderately fast-growing plant but will become temperamental and slow down when it feels disturbed, root bound, or doesn't get enough light.

This isn't a plant for novice horticulturists. It needs a lot of attention and nurturing to keep it thriving in just the exact environment in which it likes to live. She'll grow best in warm, humid conditions -- sitting in a window with sufficient indirect light. But keep the plant away from sitting near a radiator or air conditioner.

Turning this plant around once a week can help ensure a good, even distribution of the leaves, as they'll grow in the direction of the light. Misting can also help to create the humidity they need -- but you can't rely on misting alone.

Triostar stromanthe should be potted in well-drained, fertile soil that is kept moist but not soggy.