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Cissus Discolor - 4in


Available In-Store Only

Native to the tropical rainforest of the island Java. The Cissus Discolor has large beautiful and colorful leaves with shades and tones of green, silver and purple all blended together. The underside and vines have a nice burgundy to deep purple colour truly making this plant stunning. Also known as the Rex Begonia because of its pattern, wide and long leaves, is actually not part of the Begonia family but closely related to the Vitaceae family (Grape Vine).

You can put this on a trellis if you’d like as they tend to wrap their vines to neighboring plants and/or trees, however they also look beautiful in a hanging basket or on top of your bookshelf. 

Although native to the rainforest, they do not require high humidity, regular room humidity levels will be fine.