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Bright Indirect Light Social Club

Matt & Kim were some of Kindred's first regular customers. After months of getting to know them and discovering that they were starting up a plant shop, it was a no-brainer to team up with them.

As Bright Indirect Light Social Club their main goal is to create a community with other plant lovers in the Vancouver and surrounding Clark County area (sound familiar?). They're total plant nerds and happy to geek out about how to provide your plant babies with the perfect amount of care, water and light.

They host a once-monthly support group, Calathea Killers Support Group, to offer folks a chance to come in and express all their plant woes and get some help!

When they're not geeking out about plants you can find them snuggled up with their three doggos, tending to their personal plant collection (over 200!) and indulging in as many spooky ghost stories as they can get their hands on.

Find Matt in the shop on weekends and, of course, the rest of Kindred Team is always happy to help! Check out just a fraction of their plant babies available here - more available in store and new inventory drops each week!

Oh, did we mention that we'll help you re-pot when you purchase a plant and pot in store?!