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🌟 Plastic-Free July | 10% off all BULK 🌟
🌟 Plastic-Free July | 10% off all BULK 🌟

Yours, Non-Alcoholic Wine


We’re not anti-alcohol. But with only one shot at this life, we believe in doing everything we can to live our best one. And there’s a lot to be gained when you reduce or remove alcohol, including:

  • Improved Sleep
  • Better Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Healthier Skin
  • Enhanced Mood
  • Reduced Anxiety

Of course, no two people have the same experience when they take alcohol out of the equation. 

It's been so fun to build out our dry pantry and we're excited to find Yours to add to the collection. 

Choose from two options: 

Yours, Non-Alcoholic Red Blend

All your favorite red grapes are invited to this party! Packed with juicy plums, cheery cherries, and a cheeky little whisper of dark chocolate, it's a full-on flavor fiesta, minus the alcohol.

But don't let the "non-alcoholic" tag fool you. This blend is bold, it's vibrant, it's got that luscious, pour-me-another-glass taste that you'll absolutely adore. So, go on, have it with dinner, have it alone, or have it just because - who needs an excuse to treat their taste buds?

Yours, Non-Alcoholic Cabernet

This Non-Alcoholic Cabernet is here to rock your wine world! Just like a classic Cabernet, but without the alcohol, it's got the whole package – the rich, the fruity, the oaky, and the oh-so-velvety tannins.

Get ready for a whirlwind of blackcurrant and plum, with just a dash of vanilla and oak for that sophisticated touch. And the best part? It's a Cabernet you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. So whether you're toasting to the good times or winding down for the evening.

Regardless of your choice, these wines are the perfect, guilt-free partner in wine.