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Fauxmosa Canned Non-alcoholic Cocktails

Original Price $4.00
Current Price $3.00

Mindful drinking is more than a choice - it's a lifestyle. When it comes to non-alcoholic alternatives, the options often make you feel like you're missing out. A cultural counter movement to excessive drinking is here - "sober curious." The trouble is quality ready-to-drink non-alcoholic options are limited and lack sophistication, leaving mindful drinkers to sacrifice great taste for good health.

Meet Fauxmosa™ - Alcohol-Free Mimosas! Created for the mindful drinker who shuns boozy nights out they can't remember for health-conscious options that allow them to experience more. Each bubbly flavor has a light sweetness that comes naturally with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. The unique and botanical flavors provide a sophisticated and ceremonial experience similar to its alcoholic counterpart. At only 100 calories per can, there's no reason to choose between good health and great taste.