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Treating Your Teeth, Sustainably

Did you know that it’s National Dentist’s Day? It may not be a banner holiday but we think it’s worthy of a little celebration -- with a sprinkle of education for good measure -- because so much of our health begins with how we treat our teeth. 

Research on the oral microbiome shows that consistent brushing and oral rinsing directly impacts lung and gut health by preventing our oral cavities from releasing inflammatory proteins into our bloodstream, digestive system, and airways. When you keep your mouth healthy, it gives the rest of your body the chance to fight infections and to thrive! 

Now, how you choose to keep your mouth clean and your teeth shiny impacts more than just your health; it impacts the health of waterways, oceans, the soil, the planet. Plastic toothpaste tubes and mouthwash bottles (not to mention strands of dental floss) may seem like a necessary evil, but they are quickly becoming obsolete with the seemingly miraculous advent of toothpaste and mouthwash tablets. Our pick? Ruut. 

Ruut toothpaste tablets are pH balanced and don’t include any of the questionable chemicals that you might find in a typical store-bought paste. They clean your teeth without stripping enamel and their pill-like form omits liquid which makes dental hygiene a cinch while traveling. Pop one in your mouth, chew, and then start brushing to experience the gentle foaming that you expect from an effective toothpaste. Similarly, Ruut’s mouthwash tablets negate the need for a bulky, wasteful mouthwash bottle and can be refilled indefinitely from our very own bulk dispensary

One thing to note: when you check out the ingredients list, you may notice that fluoride is nowhere to be found. We understand that this may concern you, as most adults in the United States are accustomed to brushing with fluoride-enhanced paste. We recommend searching PubMed for studies and resources related to fluoridation, and we always encourage folks to check in with their dentists to be sure they are making a fully informed decision. While you’re at it, wish them a Happy National Dentist’s Day!

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