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Relaxing After School (or Work!)

Getting back into the routine of the school year- whatever it may look like for you- can be a lot.  There are so many things to consider when adjusting from the leisure of summer back into a more structured routine that the school year brings. This goes for everyone at home--parents, kiddos, and adult students alike.  

It is important to build in time to relax after the school day, to allow everyone to catch a breath (literally and figuratively)--and to give your household an opportunity to mentally and emotionally transition from the “work” part of everyone’s day, to the “rest” part.  

Here at Kindred, we’re all about doing our best to rest.  Part of a life well lived is slowing down, and creating the time and space in one’s own life to recharge, spend time in reflection, and to intentionally rest.  Creating small rituals, practices, or having activities you can do to unwind are a few ways we like to relax.  Our advice: pick a thing, create a habit of it, and relish the time. 

Now, obviously everyone’s needs are different; for some, relaxing after school means needing some time to be alone and enjoy solitude, or meditating.  For others, it might be going on a walk with a dog or a friend. Sometimes, relaxing after school means taking a nap.  Maybe it is cooking together as a family.  Maybe relaxing after school means being outside.  Relaxing after school could be just sitting around together, and talking about what happened with everyone’s day. Find what works best for you and each individual member of your household.

Relaxation after the school day is especially important for the kiddos, because lets face it--they know how stressed all of us adults are. They do see and absorb the world around them in ways we miss moment to moment.  That being said, being intentional about creating the space to rest and sharing that with them is especially important.  Modeling an awareness of relaxation’s importance in our lives can help kids better understand themselves and the world around them.

There isn’t a right or a wrong way to relax, the idea is to just be.  We live in a society that doesn’t support true rest and relaxation.  It might be an unpopular thing to say, but most of American life doesn’t support the space needed for us to recharge. So, like many things, we’ve got to take matters into our own hands. Rest is resistance! Resist productivity culture, burnout, and the go go go of daily life.

If you are looking for some resources to aid you in your relaxation, please reach out!  Consider Kindred as a resource for you if you need recommendations and camaraderie in rest.  We’re big fans of The Nap Ministry (obviously).  Also, be sure to say hello to our Kindred Spirit Emily, of Blooming Wand.  She is an excellent resource for coaching, self examination, journaling, tarot, and other tools on the journey to self.

Don’t forget to relax. Frankie said so.

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