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Low Waste Ways to Freshen a Room

This time of the year urges us to renew, release the things that no longer serve us (physical objects, ways of thinking, habits), and make space for more joy and the warmer months to come. While you make your way through your spaces at home -- cleaning, decluttering, rearranging -- it may be tempting to load-up an online cart with new decor to make your rooms feel fresh, but we’ve thought of a few ways to boost the ambiance without involving too much waste.


One of the surest ways to make a room feel extra cozy is to bring the lighting down, as dimmer lighting kept at eye level or below creates instant ambiance. Instead of switching-on your ceiling lights when the sky darkens, opt for lighting several candles throughout the space. Place tea lights in extra drinking glasses or cleaned-out jars, find simple holders at your local thrift shop for elegant  tapers, and use a tea saucer or salad plate for a pillar.


While scented candles may seem to do double-duty, we like to avoid synthetic fragrances and instead stick to plain beeswax, which purifies the air while releasing negative ions. This is also part of why we love incense sticks; pure essential oils quickly fill the room with an indulgent scent, sans toxicity. Not to mention the swirling plume of incense smoke is nearly as beautiful as the smell itself and lends itself to a peaceful, almost monastic energy in your space.


For those of us who can’t seem to keep a plant alive and thriving, a Pinterest-worthy home brimming with leafy pots and vines feels out of reach. But adding pops of living green to your space is actually super simple with a DIY terrarium. A little bit of soil and moss can make a shelf feel complete or turn a bedside table into a perfectly zen moment. Plus, couldn’t we all use a little creative project that’s foolproof?

What are your favorite ways to keep a room feeling fresh? We would love to hear your tricks in the comments below!

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