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🌟 Plastic-Free July | 10% off all BULK 🌟

Kinship Collective

If you’ve ever visited us at our shop or attended a class we’ve hosted, it's likely you’ve seen our basement in one or more of its multiple iterations.  It's been an extension of our retail space, a vintage furniture showroom, an upholstery studio, a photo studio (briefly), and a storage area before we ever settled on what it could be or should be. We always knew we wanted a part of our space to be utilized as a workshop and classroom as soon as it was safe to host our community.  Coming from a basement, we were also no strangers to how to make an old stinky basement feel cozy, welcoming, bright, and not the unloved, cave-like state we discover them in. 

When we first arrived at 606 Main, we knew we had our work cut out for us. The basement was a dank, carpeted (from who knows when), unloved, dusty, clutter filled space. There were abandoned projects, construction debris from the other parts of the building that were more finished, and a whole lotta black mold. The idea first came about to create a coworking space, but with artists in mind, and folks who wanted a collaborative environment without the same steep pricing that other coworking spaces demand of their tenants.

Kinship Collective was eventually born.  With our friends Lucas and Sarah of Birdhouse Books, Kindred embarked on a joint venture to turn our basement into that space.  The original plan included individual studio spaces that could accommodate artists working in different mediums, a communal work table in the center, and a recording studio. The evolution of Kinship was a gradual one, and honestly a little tentative at times, but hey, you’ve gotta try it to know whether it works, right?  And we’re all for the learning that comes with doing.  Kindred is now the sole operator of the collective space, and we want to share it with you!

After what feels like as many edits and rearranges as our showroom (iykyk), we are very proud of where Kinship is at present, and would like to share more about the space, why it exists, and encourage you to stop by and use the collective with us. 

What is Kinship Collective?

Kinship Collective is a coworking space for everyone, but it does have artists in mind.  There are artists who have studio spaces, there is a large table in the middle of the space that is multi use, and there are workstations perfect for perching a laptop or any wfh setup.  There’s also a small play area for kiddos when necessary, as well as a few really comfy chairs.  It is also the space we offer to folks when they want to teach an indoor workshop at Kindred.  

We want the space to be adaptable, malleable, and able to accommodate folks of all work disciplines and needs.  It is a space for folks to work collaboratively as well as on their own.  We also offer the use of our kitchenette to heat up your coffee, a coffee station if you need a fresh cup, and access to our guest restroom and courtyard garden if you wanna sit outside on a nice day.  Kinship, like Kindred, is a place to get together, share skills, and be in community with one another.

Who all is down there?

In addition to our studio collective, there’s also two other businesses in our basement that deeply enrich our community here at Kindred! Emily O’Neal, our beloved resident witch, owns Blooming Wand. She teaches intuitive tarot, does sound healing, and works with folks individually or in groups to help folks connect to Self and embrace change. Her space is so, so welcoming (as is she, of course) and a wonderful place to put the world on pause for a spell (literally and figuratively).  We will also be welcoming another maker soon, Anne of Simple Botanics, who develops and produces the most delightful skincare products made from eco conscious ingredients.  (More details there soon!)

In Kinship Collective at present, we currently have a painter/mixed media artist, a ceramic artist, a textile artist, an illustrator, and a writer or two currently in residence.

How does membership to Kinship Collective work?

You can purchase a single day pass, a punch card, or inquire about a long term lease depending on what your needs are.  Payment is structured to be cheaper the more punches you purchase, and they don’t expire. A single punch gets you access to the space for that calendar day, during our business hours. (10-5, every day.)  Kinship Collective is only available for use during those business hours, but the space is leasable for use or events outside of regular store hours upon request. Punches are $45 for 5 visits, and $80 for 10 visits.  They don’t have to be used consecutively, either, because again, flexibility and adaptability are key. Particulars and policies are laid out in a code of conduct that we require each attendee to read and sign before they can use the space.  We regulate the comings and goings daily in Kindred via a sign in/sign out system.

What if I want to check it out but don’t want to buy a punch card? 

That’s totally okay! We have opportunities to see the space, be in the space, and even work in the space for free.  The space is open and free to visit on First Fridays, where we often host events.  We’ve done a collaging day, a card making day around the holidays, and are working on organizing a free mending group that is happening soon, too. If you happen to be in the shop and want to see the space, just ask! We’re happy to give quick tours, or if there is one of the artists downstairs working, they are often happy to oblige visitors.

Beyond the particulars, we really wanted to be able to have a space that is consistently available for community use.  The pandemic has obviously taught us all many things, but a concrete takeaway is that we all need a place to connect to one another. Connection, community building, and interaction with other people is important and necessary. We are a social species, us humans, and both Kindred and Kinship exist as a place where we want to create as many opportunities to foster community and connection as possible.

As we continue on, we want Kinship to be as consistently active as it can be. The space feels alive when y’all are in it, and whether you need a place to sit through an afternoon webinar that isn’t the kitchen table, or a wfh office that isn’t a coffee shop, or a studio to get your side hustle off the ground, we’re here for you!  

Molly, our Collective Manager and community enthusiast, works very hard not only to maintain the space, make it consistently beautiful and welcoming, but also curates the vibe to make sure Kinship is a place that feels like somewhere you want to hang out for awhile, whether it be for work or play.  Its truly cozy and lovely down there, y’all.

This is merely an introduction. Keep an eye out in the future for blogs that will spotlight our artists, or highlight some of the incredible stuff our community is making in Kinship. Please come by and ask questions if you’re curious about the space, and we look forward to seeing you soon!  

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Pam Brown - November 17, 2022

Do you have a favorite book or publication that you use for recipes on making green household cleaner. Have been using vinegar for cleaning for many years, Always with dawn. Learning that the soap is not great for green, I ended up on your door step. Do you have workshops on making and using green ingredients?

Jennifer Hart - March 14, 2022

on this page you mentioned collages, so I am wondering if you know anyone that has a use for a small box of old photos and 3 autograph books from 1973-76, a precursor to high school yearbooks. They have silly sayings like, I auto cry, I auto laugh, I auto sign your autograph and several other goofy sayings. if someone can use them in their art I’s like to pass them on.
Jennifer Hart

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