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Guide to Bulk Shopping

We. Love. Bulk. Goods. Did you guess that already? We know we talk about it a lot, but that’s only because it checks off so many boxes when it comes to shopping and consuming thoughtfully in pursuit of a low waste lifestyle. It’s appealing for so many reasons, but we also know it may be a bit daunting if you’ve never tried it before. We always want our customers to feel empowered and confident when they walk through our doors, so consider this your very own guide to navigating the bulk section of Kindred Homestead Supply:



Feel free to bring your own containers from home. In fact, we heartily encourage it! Just be sure they are as clean as can be so that you can receive the most accurate weight measurements. 


We also have a large and diverse selection of containers for you to purchase here at the store as well. Choose from a wide array of glass jars and bottles, with tops that include droppers, rollers, pumps, and even sprayers. We will tack-on the added cost at checkout! 


If you need to save a few bucks and don’t mind utilizing an object with a bit of history, we are excited to offer upcycled containers to our customers free of charge. These bottles have lived previous lives but still have a lot left to give. We make sure they are squeaky clean for you, too. We are always accepting upcycled bottles, so bring your clean and label-free bottles when you come by to shop!


Before you fill your container, take it to the scale to tare it. This lets us know how much your container weighs without any product in it and helps us to accurately charge for the product you buy, without charging for the weight of your container. Once you get an accurate tare weight, label your container with the provided supplies. 

  1. FILL ‘ER UP

Our Bulk Refillery is chock full of bulk products to make your life more simple, healthy, and earth friendly. Let us know what you’re looking for (shampoo, bentonite clay, laundry pods, dish soap, etc.) and we will point you in the right direction so you can fill up your container with what you need.dc


When you bring your filled container to the register, we weigh it once again and subtract the tare weight to know exactly how much to charge you (thanks, computers!). If you are choosing to use a new container from the store’s selection, we will add the cost to your order.

And just like that, you’ve now become a bulk buying pro! Everytime you come in, you’ll become even more well versed with our bulk buying section and will begin to find new ways to lessen your plastic footprint through refilling. Keep in mind that our staff are total bulk nerds and would love nothing more than to help you in your bulk buying journey. It’s exciting to see how your home, life, and health can transform with these simple swaps. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and check back here on the blog to keep learning how to incorporate bulk ingredients and products into your daily routines. 

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